After spending a week at Moonta Bay we shifted on to the Flinders Ranges.  Up to Parachilna and do a right hand turn into Parachilna Gorge.


Stayed at the Angorichina Tourist Village.  A great spot to stay.  Power for the heater in the van (no power between midnight and 7:00 AM) and really good hot showers and flushing toilets.  The store there sells virtually everything you need.  Tyres, fuel, icecream and alcohol.

Angorichina (8 of 8)

Met the Pope who decided it would be good to go for a bike ride.  Decided to ride to Blinman (all uphill) and then do a loop to Parachilna for lunch.  All up nearly 54 km


Very interesting to go for this ride as the tour director underestimated the effort and time required.


It was however fun to go out for the day.


It was interesting to come down through Glass Gorge (on very small gravel) without having to peddle and at a reasonable speed.  Coming back onto a corrugated road however was not so good.


Off to lunch at the Prairie Hotel was our reward.  Lorraine had driven there and it was really nice to be taken back rather than having to ride back.

It was decided to attempt to walk to Blinman Falls.  Lorraine was suffering with a sore shoulder and so we were unsure how far we would get. Very interesting flora was sighted.

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The scenery off the beaten track is wonderful. Like this old dairy where Lorraine can remember seeing goats.

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The creek had a little water in it.

Angorichina (2 of 8)

It was a nice spot to spend a few hours in.

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The caravan park powered sites filled quickly on Sunday afternoon.

Angorichina (7 of 8)

It did not however disturb our scenery and afternoon tea break.  Cheese, dips and wine.

Angorichina (1 of 1)

On the way back home we stopped at Wilmington to visit my cousin.  Spent a few hours with him and his wife.  He was in the process of taking the engine out of his Toyota Landcruiser as one of the pistons has a hole in it.  Another cousin also dropped in on his way to rounding some sheep up.

Eventually got home at 8:00 PM.

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