About us

“The Lodge” was built to our requirements/specification with single beds. The standard model was modified from a double bed.

Gel batteries (2) Gas/Electric hot water service, LED lights, 174 litre fridge, washing machine. Has a separate shower and toilet. Rear lounge and side kitchen. Carry a Honda EU20i just in case we stay longer than the batteries last. Can easily recharge or use the microwave and air conditioner. However we always consider those around us prior to starting it up.

Interested in getting value for money then ring 08 8250 8566 – ask for Vince and tell him “Lodgey said to give you a ring”

We got a van better than expected, because of the attention to detail of our requirements. Double bed replaced with singles and the additional full length cupboards put in at no additional cost during manufacture. As we say “it doesn’t get any better than this”

Pulled behind a 2007 Nissan Navara, dual cab, turbo diesel, automatic with an ARB canopy. In March 2020 getting ready for annual trip to “Stone the Crows” in Wagga Wagga, we bought a 2017 Navara ST, D23, S3, auto with canopy.

Normally if visiting an area that has the sea close by the Nissan will have a Seaward “Chinook” sea kayak on top. At times mountain bikes will also be locked and loaded.

Being a keen sea kayaker it is always desirable to go near the coast. I have attempted Bass Strait twice, from each direction but only made it from Pt Welshpool in 2004.

We are both retired and are from South Australia. Occupations were SAP Materials Management Business Analyst and Assistant Director at OSHC. Could say we want to go back to work but unfortunately we do not have a job to go to.

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