Current Trip

  • Tuesday 11 August 2020

    Well here we are in Streaky Bay, South Australia. Having travelled up from Tumby Bay we stopped at Elliston Bakery for lunch. Had to have some noisy people from Clare evicted from the shop. We had been in the Whyalla and Tumby Bay Caravan Parks with them previously.There was hardly anything left so it was a curry pie for me and a pasty for Lorraine.

    After booking in and having a couple of pleasant days confined to the caravan, out into the cold and off for a short bike ride.

    Couple of days later, it at last was a sunny day and pleasant enough for a paddle. Two islands to be circumnavigated. Not much history available so off I went.

    Leaving my valued land crew back on the beach.  Very close to the pathway down by our caravan.  Lorraine is directly in front of our van.


     Being adventurous I did a few laps just to acquaint myself with the scenery. 

    little islands

    One of the islands is inhabited by cormorants, as can be seen.


    Pleasant conditions for the rest of the day going around the other island.


  • Wednesday 28 July 2020

    Sitting in the Tumby Bay Caravan Park and looking out it seemed like the ideal time to go for a paddle.  A bit after lunch the sun was not shining, but it seemed like a good idea.

    We had seen this plaque indicating an island that I could circumnavigate.  The plaque had been seen after a walk to the Tumby Bay Bakery.  Out of interest, the blueberry turn over was great.

    The island is visible from the other side of the marina.

    The island is a conservation park comprising 35 hectares.  Apparently there are snakes on the island so it was good I did not land.  The overall distance covered in the sea kayak was 10.1 km in nice conditions to begin with. As I started to go around the island my one thought was as to whether there might be any big white fish lurking under the water.  Later I discovered that in 1909 a Great White Shark was caught nearby by Captain Simms and the crew of the Minnie Simms. It was almost 10 ft in circumference. Its jaws measured 2 ft across.  Luckily the only thing I saw was a seal. As  I headed back the wind picked  up by a reasonable bit, as did the white caps coming from the north east.  Was getting pushed by the wind and waves from the side. As I headed for the silos on the other side of the town, it brought back memories of my first paddle out to Troubridge  Island of Edithburgh.  On that trip Lorraine was not a happy wife as the conditions changed as my paddle progressed. Different trip, but the same reception as I land back in Tumby Bay.

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