Saturday 2 June 2018

Well we have been in Lightning Ridge for a few days.  We spent a long time coming from St George. We detoured to see some silos in colour at Thallon. Then it was off to our final destination.  Came across a bakery that was supposed to be really good.  Forced myself to have an apple […]

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Monday 9 April

Well since the last post we have shifted to Junee and then on to Cowra.   What I have not shown you is some of the other things from Stone the Crows. Ashleigh is the youngest member of the The String Family who travel Australia.  She has just turned 14.  Her and her brother were given […]

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Sunday April 1

Well we got into Stone the Crows on Friday morning. It is similar to free camping. Our view is not bad. Our old friend Ed was available for Lorraine to purchase Friday nights tea. Great food at good prices. Better than cooking. Yesterday we had the pleasure of of seeing The String Family and the […]

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