THURSDAY 12 May 2022

Today we shifted from inside to outside. Not a large distance was covered and we did not leave the park.

The words of the song “always look on the bright side of life” sprung to mind.

The Rose garden is flooded so morning tea in a great little garden is not going to happen. Lorraine will have to put up with the barking frogs for another night.

The entrance to this quaint caravan park that only holds 12 vans.

The amenities are kept very clean. Park has a meeting place.

There has been plenty of rain. Drainage is not normally a problem due to the lack of rain. Yesterday was however different.

Some of the attractions around this town come from a bygone era. The shearers strike is one example of how this area was shaped.

The tree of knowledge is now enclosed to protect it.

This tree was where the shearers met and the strike played an integral part in the formation of the Australian Labor Party

An example of the type of windmills used is also in the main street.

This can operate in wind speeds of 3KPH with a wheel diameter of 27 feet. Manufactured in Rockhampton in 1917.

They also have a recreational park that is used for water skiing and kayaking. Water comes from a bore.

Unique shape that allows for laps and not seeing the other person.

The line across show where tracks went before construction.

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