Tuesday 9 May 2022

Today we shifted to Barcaldine. Not a large distance was covered and we left the park a little later. Could not get into the park until after 11:00 am

Whlist in Blackall we went to their show and saw the usual type of displays. Birds and flowers, plus the cooking drawing displays. The kids had small animal farm and the pets on parade. One child brought his pet yabby, which was reluctant to be taken for a walk around a small area.

They also had a dog auction. The animals were allowed to display the skills on sheep and cattle. the cattle got bore at one stage and jumped/hurdled the fences. Dogs went for prices between $1500 and $16 000

We also went to the wool scour, which has been restored after being used until 1978. It commenced operation in 1908. It was unique in so much as the sheep were shorn on one side of the complex and the wool stored on the other side. Returned to the other side of the complex to be washed and cleaned. Interesting process seeing I lived within 2 km of a processing plant in Adam Street, Hindmarsh operated by GH Michell and Sons.

The Blackall wool scour was originally powered by atersian water from a bore on the property,

The water was used in the boilers that were imported and burnt the local timber that was cut by axe.

The entire plant was driven by steam that drove belts which operated the different machines.

Some processes were still manual, like the wool press. Apparently two men operated it.

After storage, the bales were brought back and cleaned.

Two machines were eventually used. A local machine was made and ran in parallel. After being dried it was blown into a loft and then baled again using the following machine. The bottom part of the machine was rammed upwards.

The town of Blackall does not have water heaters as the artesian water supplies the local residents at say 59 degrees C. The water smells of sulphur but is ok to drink once cooled. The original bore was down the road from the caravan park and still operates. Locals put their sprinklers on, prior to having a hot shower. The bores are capped but cannot be completely turned off, it would cause pressure problems with the pipes.

Original drilling machine is on display.

Machine was driven by steam boiler.

The saying “this side of the black stump” apparently came from Blackall after the Queensland government used to site surveying equipment on a stump.

Interesting way to welcome people.

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