Wednesday 4 May 2022

Well today we shifted from Charleville to Blackall.

Our stay in Charleville was quite enjoyable.

Our trip to Charleville was interrupted by a stop in Wyandra which was a railway siding prior to the railway ceasing. Now it is open for morning tea from the post office which doubles as a camp ground and little store.

As per normal it had to have a couple of dogs to play ball. Unfortunately they had not been trained to catch on the full toss. They were still able to catch on the first bounce.

Amongst things that we did in Charleville besides walking the streets and testing the local Thai restaurant (best coconut rice ever) was a tour of a secret WW11 American air force base. It was built as a base for bombers to be repaired and troops to have R&R.

The tour was a tag along which got off to a bad start. We had paid and gone to have some lunch. We returned for the start and I got out to say we had returned. I was talking to one of the tour guides when a complete stranger came over to me and suggested that I unlock my vehicle. I had been away from it for say 5 minutes and could not understand her request. She said that my wife was pretty unpleased to have been locked in and had gotten her attention by banging on the widow, We discovered later Lorraine could have gotten out if she had pulled the drivers door handle.

The Americans had provided the base and we provided the food.

The main security was over the bomb sights used in the planes and stored in the following building. Looked like a garden shed and housed up to 30 devices at a time,

This is the device.

In the display building you can try your skill on an electronic version. I sunk the ship in one out of three tries.

The Americans were not used to the freedom that existed in Australia and returned with a different attitude.

We also went to the Cosmos Centre for a look through the telescopes at the stars.

The weather was overcast and it was looking like the stars would not be possible. Fortunately there was a break in the clouds and so it was possible to gamble and go out and chance it. Very knowledgeable person was in charge of the three telescopes and kept the show moving so we all got to view stars.

We also discovered that Qantas was started in Charleville but the first fee paying customers went out from Longreach.

On 24 March 1927 the DH9C G-AUED was on a regular route between Charleville and Mount Isa with Tambo as its secondary destination. It intended landing on the clay-pan that serves as Tambo’s airstrip when it was seen to dive suddenly into the ground. Mystery surrounds why the crash occurred but it was determined the aeroplane had landed at a nearby station to undertake repairs. The three men on board were buried at the Tambo cemetery.

Tambo is also popular for Teddy’s that can be ordered over the internet and are delivered in a carton.

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