Monday 29 May 2018

Well, we are now at St George.  Getting closer to the New South Wales border.  We travelled a great distance to be here.  196 km in a day.

We visited a shop where a Greek national carves emu eggs.

Quite impressive that you can go through five layers to get different colours.

We also went to a couple of dams / weirs where they retain water for the irrigation of cotton fields. Beardmore Dam has a surface area of 2,850 hectares.  The catchment area is 71,560 square kilometers and an average depth of 2.4 metres (7 ft 10 in) and, when full,it can back up some 75 kilometers.

When full, it can supply water that is retained by the Buckinbah Weir.  Lorraine took the perfect picture.

Ever wonder what is behind some very high embankments in cotton country.  Waiting to be filled !!!!!

We also saw Riversands Winery, where Lorraine bought some very nice Liqueur Muscat.  Lunch was not bad either sitting under the trees.


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