Saturday 26 May 2018

Well it was into Roma that we went from Carnarvon Gorge.

A pleasant drive into the caravan park. It was into the park and the owner directed alongside the concrete pad.  Left hand down, right hand down.  To the extent that the wheels were millimeters away from the pad.

It was then time to visit the Big Rig where you get the history of Roma as a Gas and Oil producer in Queensland.  It was quite interesting in the way that gas was discovered whilst they sunk a bore for the town water supply.

A short story goes that whilst travelling back from Kalgoorlie over 10 years ago we stopped at Caiguna.  At the roadhouse we met a husband and wife riding motorbikes. They had been on the road for a couple of weeks travelling from Queensland.  When they said they were from Roma I immediately said “oh where Golders have got a store and have their kids in the TV ads”  The woman said “you can’t get away from those Golder girls.  We see them every day”

When I asked what they did they informed me that had a bakery.

Well off we went the next day for lunch to the only bakery in town.  Had the best Thai Chicken Curry pie in over 5 years.  Really good coffee as well.  When the lady came and collected the plates I enquired as to whether the owner of the bakery had a wife who rode a motor bike.  Do you know her was the reply.  I said that I met a lady bike rider on the Nullabor a very long time ago.  Off she went and another woman returned.  Smiling she said she remembered that I had given her a scarf / neck.  warmer.  She had seen it a couple of weeks prior stashed on her bike in the shed.

Her husband was not in Roma because he was in Wagga Wagga.  He is the president of the Australian Clay Target Association.  He was responsible for starting the project for the new building where we go for Stone the Crows each Easter.

He is responsible for great pies.  When you look across the street to the other corner you see the Golders store where I bought a new shirt, served by one of the Golder girls.

To prove that I did not bring the bike and not ride it, off I went out to the Sale yards but a couple of cows told me to Mooooo ve along.

Lorraine was not going to make me some shirts or shorts but could not resist going into this store.  This is just one aisle.

But wait ! they could give Spotlight a run for their money due to the wool they sold as well.  Lorraine heard these three pieces crying and just had to rescue them.

Roma has a very big bottle tree.  Over a 100 years old, six meters tall and takes six men at finger tips around the tree.

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