Wednesday 23 May 2018

Well we eventually got to Takarakka Bush Resort.

It was only a distance of 238 km.  One of our longest drives.

If passing through Rolleston on a Saturday morning you have to stop for Coffee in the Park.  Took our own cups.  the lady spilt the first one.  Soy milk in the second one and got it right third time.  Good fundraiser for the community.

The first day was taken in getting there and setting up.  Then off to Happy Hour which occurs every day at 4.00 pm.  The kookaburras are being captured and then released in another location.  They have developed a liking for cheese.  Unfortunately  they take it out of your hand as you are putting it in your mouth.

The next day we walked Carnarvon Gorge.  Lorraine suggested we walk to the furthest point so that the next day we could walk shorter distances.  We probably covered 20 km in seven hours.  We made it to the Cathedral Cave.  This massive, wind-eroded overhang sheltered Aboriginal people for thousands of years. A panorama of rock art reflects the rich cultural life of those who gathered here.

Another example of the ochre drawings.

We also went to Amphitheatre.  Had to climb a few stairs to see an example of the effect of water erosion of sandstone.

Then into this.

Looking straight up.

We decided on a Helicopter ride over Moolayember Gorge.  Twenty minutes of exciting scenery.  Lorraine got to sit in the front for some reason.The pilot said the two big guys had to sit in the back.

There is also another self-contained park that you can go to.  No power, water, electricity, shop, showers.  Sits on the to of the hill open to the wind.

The cattle on Bandana station have a crop of Leucaena to eat.  It can grow to 18 feet tall.  I thought it was a vineyard due to the way it was planted.

We landed and everyone had an exciting time.

Great scenery in the Carnarvon Gorge. No one had told us the further you go up the gorge that the stepping stones get smaller and actually wobble as you put you cross over them

The next day we walked into the Moss Garden.  More stairs to make sure the muscles in our legs were operating in peak condition.

Wards Canyon is where two brothers used to live, whilst trapping possums.

The whole days walk was worthwhile.

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