Friday 18 May 2018

We left Yeppoon to head towards Emerald. It was going to being a very long drive, which we are not used to. So we split it up into two days.

it ended up with us staying overnight in a small 1870’s town called Duaringa. We decided to purchase some food from the local takeaway. It was also the Post Office. Unfortunately we found it closed, the lady would have been having lunch so was going to reopen at 230 pm. It was 1.00 pm so we had to go to the local truck stop. It was a donation park with very nice and clean toilets and showers. Unfortunately no one seems to be able to find the donation box or the slot in the door.

At the end of the day about 10 vans had stopped to take advantage of the free water and other facilities.

Next morning we left to go to Emerald. We stopped in the Emerald Showground for four nights. Not a bad deal for $26 a night for power and water. Good toilets and showers for those that need them. Stayed for 4 nights but the caretaker only took money for two. Said you are supposed to stay for only three nights. Cam backthe next night, said I wanted to pay for 3 nights. Asked when we ere leaving and charged for two nights.

Fairbairn Dam is only at about 26%. The are currently working on raising the height.

It is used as the water supply and for irrigation. You can see the two channels that have been created. They use the water for citrus, grapes and cotton.

Another day we went fossicking for Sapphires.

I used my skills to find a couple of yellow sapphires. Lorraine said I should have found bigger ones so we could put them into a ring.

All in all, we had a good time. Tomorrow we move onto Carnarvon Gorge, to a place called Takarakka Bush Retreat. No telephone or computers for 4 days. How peaceful.

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