Monday 14 May 2018

We have left Yeppoon.  It was an interesting trip from Lake Awoonga.  Firstly we we were ready to leave. Walking around the van for a final check I discovered a slightly flat tyre.  The manager of the caravan park suggested it was all not gloom and doom, as it was only flat on the bottom.

Got the spare off the back and discovered that the repair in February did not last that long as it also was flat.  You might ask why the yellow lead from the tyre did not have anything attached to it.  Well, the short answer was that the compressor I carry for such emergencies did not work.  A couple of the wires internally had come apart, so I had to fix it before we could use it to put some air into the tyre and move on to Yeppoon.

175 km later and a round tour of Rockhampton we arrived at a wonderful park at Yeppoon.  So nice to be right on the sea front.  The sunrise was just magnificent.

The view from the van was exceptional.

The park only had one road that ran parallel to the sea.  You either had the sea behind you or the road in front.

Black cockatoos visit the park at least once a day.

Yeppoon has had a new pool just finished so that people do not have to get sandy feet.  Four life guards are normally on duty between 6 am 8 pm.

We went to the Botanic Gardens in Rockhampton which included a small zoo.  One animal is a wombat that likes to lie in the sun.  He did not bother to roll over to go to the toilet but rather the next time he rolls over the item just hit the ground and roll away.

The chimps were not interested in doing much.

We decided to go up to Mt Archer which is lower than Mt Lofty and around 250 m higher than Willunga Hill.

Lorraine does not have a love for caves but decided to humour me and go into Capricorn Caves.  The walk ways reminded me of the movie Indianna Jones and the Temple of Doom.  They are dry caves. but people get married in there and also opera’s are performed.

Tree roots have come down over 40 meters to reach the floor of the cave.

Lorraine would not walk in front of me going across the swing bridge.  She scooted ahead and left a couple of German tourists to suffer.

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