Wednesday 9 May 2018

We are currently at Lake Awoonga.  Shifted here yesterday.

Forgot to share this picture of the cane.  After a few years of growing cane they grow another crop.  Sometimes sweet potato.

Another topic was another gadget I purchased.  Was looking to buy some good coffee beans, so went to a place that ended up with the words Coffee Roasters. Had a cup of black and some cheese cake.  They informed me prior to drinking the coffee that they would not grind the beans because they would deteriorate.  I was not disappointed as it was not good.  Ended up in a different place where the owner sat down and explained that a small grinder would be really good in the van.


We decided for the peace and quiet beside a 65 square kilometer lake.

Very nice park and woke up wondering where we were.

So much different with low lying cloud.

The birds come around early in the morning and  afternoon.

Not far into Gladstone so off we went to the look out.  They still have a coal fired powered station.  They might as well as the trains have to go past to load the coal into ships.

Then the LNG ships go past.  This one is 288 m long and 48 m wide.  Going to unload in Qingdao China.  It will get therein 10 days time.

Tannum Sands is a short distance from Gladstone.  From here you can see all the ships waiting to get into the port.  Looking back from the beach is impressive..


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