Monday 7 May 2018

Today Bundaberg, well not really, when I said Bargara, how many had to Google it.  The caravan park is pretty neat.

After booking into the Caravan Park we were advised freshly cooked prawns were available.  Had to peel and clean two kilograms.  Then it was tea time.

We have been to the beach and I got forced to go on this.

We also went to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery.

The two free rums were not bad either.  The display area would not fit in my pit.

This barrel might fit but would have been hard to get out.

The story of the “Drop Bears” was explained.  Lorraine found their brother.

This is story of the fire in 1907.

We also went to the ginger beer brewery.  Lorraine felt a little full after tasting all the flavours.

Next it was off to the Botanic Garden with Lorraine’s nephew Stephen and his wife Wendy.

Glad a water dragon did not run up my leg. Never seen so many running around and diving into the water.

They also have eels in the water that swim around the ducks and turtles.

A Cape Barren Goose was out-of-place in the gardens.  They also hang around the golf course in Bargara.

Then we walked through the Japanese Gardens.

The lookout for Bundaberg is the top of an old volcano.

We went for a walk down to Mon Repose where the turtles bury their eggs.  Wrong time of the year for turtles but a nice beach.

The way down through the vegetation was through butterflies.

One last visit to say goodbye.

Off towards Gladstone tomorrow.

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