Tuesday 1 May 2018

Today we travelled to Bargara Beach Caravan Park from Nanango.  We spent two nights in Nanango Twin Gums Caravan Park.  What a nice place.

From Toowoomba to Bargara it is a distance of 431 km.

To put the trip into perspective, so far around 2400 km.

The entrance to the caravan park in Nanango was like driving into a garden.

Shade from the trees was enjoyable.

Wildlife in the trees were a tad noisy late in the afternoon.

Even brought a couple of friends.

Whilst we were in Nanango we did a trip into Kingaroy.  We went to the Information and saw some interesting videos on how peanuts are grown and harvested.  They do not have the big peanut or the little peanut.    They have the Peanut Van.

 Our longest drive since leaving Wagga Wagga was the trip from Nanango to Bargara a distance of 283 km.

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