Thursday 26 April 2018

Today we left Stanthorpe.  We had travelled the great distance of 153 km from Glen Innes.

When we crossed the border from NSW to Queensland at Wallangarra we stopped for coffee.  We did enquire what happened during day light saving in NSW but not Queensland, the chap serving coffee said a few of the people  wore two watches.

The caravan park was quite nice and almost a bush setting on the granite rocks.

The view from the back of the van was quite nice.  Not surrounded by van on all sides.

Stanthorpe is also known as the Granite Belt Wine Country. At 1000 metres elevation, the air seems fresher, the sky more blue. We discovered a landscape of dramatic beauty and diversity.We went on a tourist drive where we discovered National Parks where giant granite formations emerge from thick forest.  They have a list of the top 10 wineries.  Also the vegetable production has been taking place for long time.  A fixer upper was located.

The property would have been utilised for the apples grown under the cloth.  Apparently some wineries cover the grape-vines in the same way to protect from hail stones.

We were going down the road and Lorraine decided she wanted a coffee.  To my surprise the next place we saw was a winery.  Just had to stop.

We also came across Storm King Dam which is the water supply for Stanthorpe.  Apparently it has previously been used for Marathon Canoe Races.

You can also fish in the dam as it is stocked, but you need to have a permit if you are over 18 years of age.

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