Wednesday 18 April 2018

Well the other day, on Monday, I think it was, I am losing track of the days, we shifted to Tamworth.

A nice cross-country drive listening to John Laws having to put up with some interesting callers.  He cannot like to use the dump button.

Went through Scone but did not have to cut our way through one.  Very pretty countryside with lots of  horses.  It s interesting to see how dry it is on the western side of the Great Dividing Range.  People we have spoken to in different locations are talking about drought conditions.

When we got to Tamworth We went  to the Hall of fame and then the Big Guitar.

Interesting to see in the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame the first exhibit that I looked at is from Colin Huddleston from South Australia

Can remember going to square dancing in the Methodist Hall in Hayward Ave.  He was actually a Store man at the E&WS  on Grand Junction Road.  Appeared with Reg Lindsay on the Country and Western Hour on Channel 9 in the 1970’s

Next off  to the Big Guitar to have a look at the wax figures.  Yes we found Reg Lindsay and Frank Ifield.

Saw Frank a couple of years ago at Stone the Crows.  He looked better than the wax product.

Chad Morgan was also there and we have seen him the Clare Hotel a few years ago.

We decided to visit Nundle which is out past the Chaffey Dam which supplies Tamworth with the water supply.

We were expecting it to be a bit cooler at Nundle when we saw this cloud formation.

The woollen mills were a must for Lorraine to possible purchase some supplies for home.  It was cooler than expected.

The working machinery was interesting due to its age plus they are getting a sock machine that they may  be able to use.  Currently that have the product turned into socks in Victoria.  Bought 2 pairs otherwise sheep are eating grass for nothing.  Notice all the wool in the background.  Reminds me of my mother’s cupboard behind her knitting machine.

Quite interesting it to see it working.


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