Sunday 15 April 2018

Prior to leaving Cowra we visited the old railway Depot to view the old carriages and equipment.

Travel in olden days would have been exciting when considering the equipment that had to be used.  Slow and noisy might have been the way of the day.


Different to sleeping in the van.  Fold down bed.


The carriages were pulled with a locomotive that was similar to this.  It has seen better days.


On Thursday we shifted to Wellington.


The view from the back of the van is quite pleasant.  We can watch the trains cross the river at 10 km/h

Copy of IMG_20180413_072734

On Friday we went exploring the area and visited Mudgee, Gulgong, Dunedoo and Dubbo. Lunch in Dunedoo bakery, the best curry pie for a long time.  On Saturday we visited Lake Burrendong.  But on the way we found a wayward Turtle.  Lorraine shifted Murtle off the road so an elephant would not crush her.  It was good that she did not want to practice discus and get her into the lake.


Burrendong Dam is one of the largest inland dams in NSW with a capacity of 1,678,000 megalitres, three times Sydney Harbour. .  Is is currently 38% full.


Burrendong Arboretum is on the side of the lake.  Murtle might have been happy there.






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