Monday 9 April

Well since the last post we have shifted to Junee and then on to Cowra.


What I have not shown you is some of the other things from Stone the Crows.

Ashleigh is the youngest member of the The String Family who travel Australia.  She has just turned 14.  Her and her brother were given the task of running a morning show and told they could keep the money they got from the busking.  Mum and dad regretted it as the kids got over $400.

Lorraine wanted to borrow Ashleigh’s scooter for her mode of transport to get around.  It would have been handy to get our coffee from Toby and Kasey.  The Art of Espresso make good beans and Toby makes it into very good flat white.

This person Ivanna Crackenoff is in actual half of Mel ans Susie who live in Lightning Ridge and are normally Bush Poets.

The program for next year has been released and will be another great event

We then moved to Junee on the Friday.  Into the caravan park for four loads of washing and some catch up sleeping.

Shifted on Sunday to Cowra.

The Peace Bell is very impressive.  You are permitted to annoy the council workers by ringing it.

Visited the Japanese Gardens which were quite impressive.

Then off to site of the camp where the Japanese and Italian prisoners wereheld during World War Two

The Cowra prisoner of war and internment camp was located several kilometres outside the town of Cowra in south-central New South Wales. It officially began operation in June 1941, but it was several months before the first prisoners arrived. Cowra was purpose-built to house prisoners of war, mostly Italians, brought to Australia from overseas and it operated primarily as a prisoner of war rather than an internment camp. Civilians interned at Cowra included local Italians and nearly 500 Javanese and Indonesians.prisoners.


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